Is your school student-powered?

Take this short assessment to identify your school’s student-powered improvement strengths and possibilities. You’ll receive a customized action plan based on your results. 

Who is taking this assessment?

In order to have an honest team conversation, first reflect individually.

Have each person take the assessment on their own. Then, follow the prompts at the end of the assessment to compare and discuss your collective results.


Take the assessment and then follow the prompts to explore your results.

In the past year, adults in our school deeply, authentically, and continuously listened to students' experiences or perspectives.
In the past year, listening to students’ experiences and perspectives led to meaningful changes at our school.
In the past year, students were involved in identifying what issues to prioritize working on in our school.
In the past year, students helped design changes to school practices or policies for our school.
In the past year, students made decisions about school practices and policies for our school.
Our school continuously partners with a variety of students, especially those most impacted and marginalized by systems.
Adults in our school believe students should have a voice in how things work.
Adults in our school know how to create spaces of care, truth, and hope for every student.
Our school invites and centers the voices of the most marginalized students to guide school improvements.
Adults in our school believe that every student has the capacity and wisdom to help make change.

Great job taking the time to pause and reflect!

Review your assessment results and find ways to continue your student-powered improvement journey.

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