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Community Design Partners

Community Design Partners helps organizations make lasting change in their communities. Student-powered improvement is one way we work with organizations and schools to achieve more equitable outcomes for all people.

Our recent student-powered improvement projects include:

    • The Dallas ISD Student and Teacher Collaborative on Race and Racism. Teachers and students listened deeply to each others’ experiences with race and racism and developed classroom lessons about racial identity. Read more here
    • Charleston Design Camp: Educators and elementary school students investigated and designed towards more culturally sustaining classroom experiences. 
    • Ninth-grade Success Network. Student involvement increased in this regional 9th-grade on track network.
    • Student-powered improvement training. A team of adults engaged in ongoing learning about student-powered improvement.

Explore Community Design Partners’ beliefs below.

We believe in communities.

We center the aspirations, perspectives, and strengths of community members. We work alongside communities to support their vision, rather than offering outside solutions.

We believe that there is no single solution to a complex problem.

Effective change requires an understanding of all the root causes of a problem and the systems that perpetuate the status quo.

We believe in curiosity.

We ask questions, collect information, and adapt plans based on what we learn from both success and failure.

And, we believe work should be fun.

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