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The Vision of Student-Powered Improvement

The vision of Student-Powered Improvement is to design solutions with students rather than for students. Create better schools by meeting students’ real experiences and needs.

What does student-powered improvement mean?


Solutions driven by students

Student-powered improvement makes schools better by inviting students to create solutions that address their needs.

Inclusive school environments

Student-powered improvement creates schools that recognize and value students’ unique identities, strengths, and needs.

Honest shift in power

Student-powered improvement reimagines the hierarchy between adults and students in schools.

Empowered students

Student-powered improvement creates the conditions needed for students to make a difference in school and beyond.

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Diagram of guiding principle

Guiding Principles

Six guiding principles help ensure that student-powered improvement efforts are authentic and meaningful.

The Student-powered improvement framework

Explore the student-powered improvement framework of possibilities.

We are committed to student-powered improvement

Community Design Partners helps organizations make lasting change in their communities. Student-powered improvement is one way we work with organizations and schools to achieve more equitable outcomes for all people. We’d love to connect. 


Explore where you are in your own journey.