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Workshops and Learning Opportunities

We are continuously working to provide opportunities for organizations to develop more authentic, meaningful, and powerful partnerships with students. We will continue to update this page as these opportunities are developed. See below for current opportunities.

Design Sprints

Have a problem to solve? Want to engage your team in working together to find a solution? Consider a Design Sprint! Grounded in the stories and experiences of those closest to the problem, Design Sprints offer the opportunity to truly understand a problem and co-create solutions.

Here are just a few ways our team can help yours:

  • Curate a well-facilitated, collaborative time to explore, design, build, and test solutions to real problems.

  • Improve systems in your organization.

  • Solve problems with – rather than for – the community.

  • Increase equity of voice, attend to power dynamics, and think outside the box.

Learn more about CDP’s in-person and virtual design sprints for groups of 6-100 people here.

Past Events

Continue to check back in on the events page for updated current and past events. Often our past events can provide insight to our future offerings!

Empathy Interviews: How to prepare for, conduct, analyze and act | Four sessions May 4 - May 25

Course Description:

Empathy interviews are a human-centered method to hear stories and experiences from people most impacted by systems in order to better solve problems. It is critical that team members embody the values and mindsets that are foundational to the practice as well as understand the logistics to carry them out. This course provides essential training for teams or individuals as they begin empathy interviews or seek to improve an existing practice.

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