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The journey

Your journey with student-powered improvement

Student-powered improvement requires an ongoing collection of actions.

The journey must include opportunities to see your system, identify your why, explore the possibilities, take action, reflect and adjust, and expand and grow. These stages may overlap and move both forward and backward. Whatever your starting point, the possibilities are endless.

Why take an assessment?

Taking the 5-minute assessment is one way to see your current system. The results will define where your school is on a student-powered improvement journey and provide clear, customized, actionable steps for your team to move forward.

See your system

Explore where you already are on a student-powered improvement journey. Take an assessment and reflect on the results.

Identify your why

There are many reasons to partner with students. What is your shared why? What work do you want to do together?

Explore the possibilities

You don’t need to start from scratch! Explore examples of student-powered improvement and important guiding principles.

Take action

Create and implement a plan while building the necessary conditions.

Reflect and adjust

What has the experience been like for students? What do we need to attend to or adjust? What have we learned?

Expand and grow

The most powerful models of student-powered improvement are ongoing and multi-faceted. Expand your methods as you continue to nurture the conditions.